Should my child start sports so early?

People believe that fundamental motor skills evolve naturally, but this is not necessarily true. Children need instruction and practice to develop these skills. Sports and physical activity backed by structured support promotes emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development, which becomes the foundation for what will follow in each child’s life.

Is Kickstarters for both boys and girls?

Yes, absolutely. The Kickstarters program is designed for children of both genders.

Is the program safe for my kids?

We have taken utmost care to ensure safety of the children. The equipments are safe to use, there are multiple trainers for each batch, and the venues are safe and secure.

What kind of equipments will be used during training?

Specialised equipment will be provided for each sport and for the individual age groups. All the equipments have been extensively tested for training, and are completely safe for use by children.

Is it better that my child learns multiple sports or should my child focus on an individual sport?

It is critical that a child is exposed to multiple sports at an early age, so that the child and parent understand the inclination, skill and joy experience in playing any particular sport.

It is recommended that children under the age of 10 do not specialize in an individual sport. They run the risk of burnout, boredom, and injury. Most great sportspeople have had overall development in sports before going on and specializing in a particular.

You talk about teaching sports, which is great. But can life skills really be taught to kids?

Life skills can indeed be taught to anyone. It is sometimes believed that life skills are acquired over time. Children are moldable and adaptable. We believe that the earlier we start teaching life skills to children, the more they can learn, and the more it will benefit them throughout their lives.

Who are the trainers at Kickstarters?

All the trainers at Kickstarters are child-friendly and have been extensively trained to teach the kids multiple sports and life skills. Our trainers are young and energetic, and are either college-going youth or recently graduated from college. They are highly passionate about sports and want to make a difference to the lives of the kids they train.

Will my child get individual attention during the training at Kickstarters?

We maintain a small child-to-trainer ratio, to ensure that children receive individual attention. We strongly believe that all children need specific attention, and one of our Principles portrays our belief – “Focused attention on each child, without any bias”.

How do I track the progress of my child during the training?

We focus on the process more than the results. Our constant endeavour is that the child continues to enjoy training and continues to improve in each sport during training. We have scientific reports to track the progress of each child and the reports will be shared with the parents quarterly. Parents will also be invited on a quarterly basis to discuss the progress and inclination of their child.

What exactly will my child do in each session at Kickstarters?

Each session will typically comprise the following:

  • Warm-up exercises
  • Activities to build sporting skills
  • Focused activities to build specific life skills
  • Cool-down exercises