Our Programs


We believe in letting children experience a multitude of sports and allowing them to become familiar with what they enjoy most. It is important that a child experiences different sports, learns the basic skills of each sport and builds life-skills that are unique to each sport.

All our programs are conducted in a fun and interactive environment, which is most conducive to a child’s comfort and learning.

The following sports are part of the Program:

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Essential Life Skills

As part of all our programs, we have regular progress reports and scheduled meetings with parents to update them on how their child is progressing. The parents’ buy-in into the program and their active participation in these meetings is integral to the success of the child’s learning.

Little Starters

The Little Starters program offers a child the advantage of learning sports and life skills at an early age. Along with getting them to experience and learn the basics of multiple sports, special care is taken of the Little Starters to ensure that they develop confidence, interactive skills, to pay attention, teamwork, and positivity. The focus is also on enabling the physical development of their motor skills, sporting skills and body awareness.

Little Champs

The Little Champs program focuses on taking the kids to the next level, both in terms of sporting skills as well as mental skills. The Little Champs program recognizes that this is an impressionable age for children. We build their sporting skills through developing motor, cognitive and perceptual skills. Apart from learning the various sporting skills, children learn role-modelling, leadership, teamwork, listening skills, positive thinking, and develop confidence.