Who we are

Kickstarters is a researched and structured programme for kids that is dedicated to their overall development, enabling better faculties and skills as adults. Kickstarters blends an activity that kids enjoy most - playing sports - with the skills that are integral to their development i.e. life skills.

At Kickstarters, our endeavour is to train our kids across multiple sports such that they get an exposure to all the sports and are postponed to specialise n a sport which they are enjoy and are good at.

We however realise that not every kid who receives sports training will become a professional athlete. We do want to ensure, however, that every kid who receives our Kickstarters training is benefitted for life through the skills that are imparted by our structured programmes and focused training. To name a few, these skills include self-confidence, drive, intelligence, strategy, leadership, competitiveness, team-spirit, ethics, punctuality, perseverance, positivity to face challenges and defeat etc. In short, sports help no small part in shaping a child’s character.

Our Vision

Create a culture of sports and learning among the youth.

Our Mission

Take sports and life skills training to each child in the country.
Our Principles

Our work should be focused around the following four principles:

  • Train in a fun filled, non-competitive, friendly environment how can sports not be competitive? Competition can be positive, but it will and must exist.
  • Focused attention on each child, without any bias.
  • Promotion of self-confidence, team spirit and an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Bring deep insight and research into our work.